Stainless Steel Vials

Stainless Steel Vials are ideal for storage applications where glass is not applicable due to the risk of breakage or chemical incompatibility.

These vials feature seamless rounded inner edges and smooth finishes with a polished and brushed exterior finish. All vials have a screw thread with a built-inner lid to be leak proof. Available with a stainless steel closure, all vials are fully compatible with autoclave.

Provides far superior heat transfer capabilities compared to plastic or glass vials. Desired for some PCR methodsand the control of sample heating.

                                    STAINLESS STEEL VIALS
Part No      Moc  SS 316 | SS316 L
  Capacity Body Dia   Total Height 
17885 2 ml 24 mm 40 mm
17886 5 ml  24 mm 50 mm
17887 10 ml 26 mm 60 mm
17888 15 ml 26 mm 65 mm
17889 20 ml 28 mm 80 mm
17890 30 ML 32 mm 85 mm
NOTE: All Vials Have Leak Proof Liner with Teflon | Silicon