Stainless Steel Drum

JN Sciencetech is a manufacturer and distributor of equipment for various industries such as food, chemical, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical. Our SS industrial pharma containers are manufactured in compliance with international regulatory norms. We use austenitic-ferritic stainless steel which is the first choice for the health and food industry and is part of our premium quality standards. Our industrial pharma containers are manufactured in a wide range based on their utility and application and are available both in standard sizes and volumes and also can be completely customized. The drums come complete with a removable lid and seal with handles on either side to move and carry them. The containers are carefully welded including under the rim, and around the handle, in line with GMP stipulations and also to make cleaning easy. The high-quality mirror finish of each container also reflects its high standards.

Part. No. STAINLESS STEEL DRUMS Material SS 304 | 316 | 316 L
  Lid With Toggle Clamps | Lid with Ring Locking Lever  
  Capacity Body Dia Body Height Thickness  
33853 5 lit 160 mm 300 mm 0.8 mm  
33854 10 lit 210 mm 300 mm 0.8 mm Material Toggle Clamps
33855 25 lit 280 mm 400 mm 1.0 mm MOC SS 304
33856 35 lit 290 mm 450 mm 1.0 mm  
33857 50 lit 355 mm 540 mm 1.0 mm Material Closing Ring with locking lever
33858 75 lit 440 mm 460 mm 1.0 mm MOC SS 304
33859 100 lit 455 mm 640 mm 1.0 mm  
33860 150 lit 440 mm 745 mm 1.2 mm