PTFE Vials

PTFE / Teflon vials are widely used in the preparation and storage of a variety of samples for sensitivity analyses. The smooth surface and high service temperature range make them ideal for use directly on a hot plate, and the inert properties of Teflon allow for the most rigorous acidic sample preparations without fear of compromising or adulterating the original sample material.

PTFE vials are chemically inert, non-contaminating, and are thermally stable in the range of -200°C (390°F) to + 280°C (+536°F). The vials have a “super smooth” finish making it virtually impossible for anything to “stick” to their surfaces, either inside or outside. The vials are for storage and/or shipping of valuable or aggressive materials and small-scale reactions at low pressure.

Resistant to high temperatures and virtually all laboratory chemicals, including strong acids, strong alkalis, aqua regia, and organic solvents.

Part No
  Capacity Body Dia   Total Height 
55584 2 ml 24 mm 40 mm
55585 5 ml  24 mm 50 mm
55586 10 ml 26 mm 60 mm
55587 15 ml 26 mm 65 mm
55588 20 ml 28 mm 80 mm
NOTE: These PTFE vials includes with Inner Plug