PTFE Storage Tank

This is the PTFE tank that is manufactured by the isostatic molding method. As it is made by integrated and seamless molding, there is no worry about leakage, etc. As we also manufacture overflow tanks, single tanks, and round tanks, you can select the size, shape, and processing method according to your purpose. PTFE has a very good chemical resistance, which is widely used in the laboratory test environment, semiconductors.

We produce various PTFE containers or PTFE tanks as per customer designs. (Welding type and integrated molding)

• Washing tank (Silicon wafer etc.)
• Washing tank for temperature control
• Storage of chemical


PTFE Storage Tanks

Part. No. Round Tank | LitersSquare Tank | Liters Dia x Height L x W x H Body Wall Thickness
61995-9-270 x 310 x 250 mm 10 mm
61996-11-310 x 420 x 280 mm 12 mm
61997-14-270 x 500 x 235 mm 12 mm
61998-20-295 x 550 x 260 mm 14 mm
6199915-180 x 400 mm -15 mm
6120020-250 x 400 mm -15 mm
6120125-320 x 460 mm -18 mm
6120235-330 x 650 mm -20 mm

We produce both standard and customized PTFE tanks up to 100 liters of volume.

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