SS Powder Sampler

This Multi-Level Manual Sampling Probe/Spear consists of two close-knit stainless steel tubes; one set of chambers for the outer tube and one set of chambers for the inner tube (penetrable and containing slots of the inner tube both connected or continuous).
The opening/closing of the chambers for inner and outer tubes can be controlled manually to achieve the purpose of accurate sampling. The big advantage of zone samplers is that all-layer samples can be collected from all layers of the container. Various bulk goods can be collected with the lances, from the finest powder to large grains such as corn or nuts.

The zone samplers are available in different lengths. 55 cm (only Multi, Uno, and All-layer samplers are especially suitable for sacks, big bags, silos, and tanks.

The zone samplers are available in different models for different sampling tasks.

SS Powder Sampler


Part. No. Dia SlotsLengthMOCWeight
33354 25 mm 3300 mmSS 316 | SS 316L 600 g
3335525 mm 3450 mmSS 316 | SS 316L 800 g
3335625 mm 3600 mmSS 316 | SS 316L 1.15 kg
3335725 mm 4 900 mmSS 316 | SS 316L 1.73 kg
3335825 mm 5 1200 mmSS 316 | SS 316L 2.3 kg
3335925 mm 61500 mmSS 316 | SS 316L 2.62 kg
3336025 mm 61750 mmSS 316 | SS 316L 3.10 kg
3336125 mm 82000 mm SS 316 | SS 316L 3.50 kg

We produce both standard and customized autoclaves with variations in dia, length, slots and volume.

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