PTFE Distillation Unit

This Teflon Assembly is Suitable for strong alkaline or acid products as well as very aggressive solvents when the resistance of other materials, e.g. glass, is not sufficient. All parts exposed to the medium are either made completely of PTFE like the thermometers, jacketed with PTFE, or an Aluminum Clamp with Teflon 4 neck lid. The distillate in the Liebig Condenser is conducted to the collecting vessel through a PTFE pipe. For heating, we recommend either using a thermostat or an electric heating mantle. A temperature of +200°C should not be exceeded. As an alternative to the reaction vessel made of PTFE with a round bottom.It is translucent, non-porous, and can be used with a hotplate magnetic stirrer and a PTFE-encapsulated magnetic stirring bar for stirring.

For security reasons, our distillation apparatus is equipped with a system that allows a tight and safe connection as well as an easy disconnection of cone and socket. A special nut that is held on an external thread above the cone holds and locks the socket.
PTFE Distillation Unit


Part. No. Reactor PTFE Condenser PTFE Receiving Flask
54300 1000 ml 300 mm 250 ml
54301 2000 ml 300 mm 500 ml
54302 3000 ml 300 mm 500 ml
543035000 ml 400 mm 1000 ml
543046000 ml 450 mm 1000 ml
54305 8000 ml 500 mm 2000 ml
5430610000 ml 600 mm 2000 ml
5430720000 ml 600 mm 5000 ml

NOTE: Set Includes PTFE Reaction Flask | PTFE Condenser | Receiving Flask | Aluminium Clamp | PTFE Separating Funnel | PTFE Tubing | PTFE Stopcocks | PTFE Stoppers | PTFE adapters

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