Spinner Flask

A Spinner is a type of bioreactor that features an impeller, stirrer, or similar device to agitate the contents (usually a mixture of cells, medium, and products like proteins that can be harvested). The vessels are usually made out of glass or stainless steel with portholes to accommodate sensors, Medium input, or gas flow.

Spinner-type vessels are used for mammalian or plant cell culture. They are adequate for cell suspensions and attachment-dependent cell types.

In spinner flask culture, fluid flow driven by a magnetic stir bar creates a well-mixed cell suspension for dynamic seeding and culture of the scaffolds that are fixed inside the flask on needles or wires

This complete spinner flask is designed to be reusable. We have a Baffled Spinner flask. This design features baffles on the side of the flask to improve the aeration and agitation of contents in the flask. Larger flasks feature a wide GL 80 or GL 45 center while smaller sizes feature a GL 32 opening

Spinner Flask


Part No CapacityCentre NeckSide ArmsModel
9898125 mlGL 45GL 25Plain
9898250 mlGL 45GL 25Plain
95983125 mlGL 45GL 25Plain
98984250 mlGL 80GL 25Plain
98985500 mlGL 80GL 25Plain
989861000 mlGL 80GL 32Plain
989872000 mlGL 80GL 45Plain
989883000 mlGL 80GL 45Plain
989895000 mlGL 80GL 45Plain
989906000 mlGL 80GL 45Plain
989918000 mlGL 80GL 45Plain
98992250 mlGL 80GL 25 Baffled
98993500 mlGL 80GL 25 Baffled
989941000 mlGL 80GL 32 Baffled

Moc: Boro 3.3 Glass | Autoclavable at 121º C for 20 minutes.

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