Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Ethics and Privacy In The Digital Age at JN SCIENCETECH

This ‘Privacy Policy’ regulates the collection, submission, and use of User Data, as per the latest international GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The following is the framework which is employed by JN SCIENCETECH for ensuring optimal user privacy and personal data security.

1. JN SCIENCETECH is very stringent when it comes to keeping user data and information security. The following are the terms and conditions that regulate the JN SCIENCETECH User Data and Information collection, storage, and usage by authorized personnel.

2. (From here on, ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘our,’ ‘website’ ‘web-portal’ ‘site’ or JN SCIENCETECH shall represent the owners/administrators of JN SCIENCETECH The term ‘policy’ shall denote this Privacy Policy in its complete form. ‘Terms’ refer to the collective terms and conditions that regulate any sale, purchase or use of JN SCIENCETECH products/services.)

It is highly advisable to go through this document thoroughly for a stronger and longer-lasting fruitful business relation with the website/company.

Kinds of Personal User Information/Data that JN SCIENCETECH Collects
3. We collect specific personal information of our users/customers on this website. These are the information we generally require to collect on JN SCIENCETECH

  • Username
  • Member name
  • Email ID/Contact number
  • Other contact details
  • Payment information (includes details about online payment agent, transaction details of payments, etc.)
  • Customer queries
  • Web analytics data
  • Forum comments
  • IP address
  • Cookie data
  • RFID tags
  • Any other personally identifiable information

In case of applying for a job position additional personal information, including educational qualifications, previous work experience, etc., will also be collected in such cases. ‘Personal information’ is any information which helps to identify the user correctly.

Collecting Personal User Information

4. Your personal information can be obtained, when provided directly to us by you (user/member/customer), when it is provided automatically by using our website, or when it produced by any other services that use our portal.

5. From other websites which adhere to similar GDPR regulation and Privacy Policy as per with ours for sharing user information, after your express consent. This is usually required when you (user) registers for membership and buys products from our website or offers to accept services, such as a newsletter, email-list, feedback, contests entered, survey filled out, or information provided by any other media.

6. In case you do not wish to/are unable to provide factual, accurate and correct information required by this website, we may not be able to offer our products and services, or get into commercial transactions with you, in any manner.

Sources for Collecting Personal User Information

Typically, user information is collected directly from the user. However, at times there are several other sources that are also providers of user information. Mainly there are sources like payment agents providing account details for online payment transactions, apart from tracking technologies on use by our websites, such as cookies, web analytics, web beacons, and other such software or service.

Need to Collect Personal User Information

JN SCIENCETECH is allowed to collect personal user information for:

  • Operating website efficiently and providing the user with the services as described on our website. This information is required to verify the identity of the user when logging to our site. It aids us to process commercial transactions taking place through our website, to be able to respond faster in addressing customer queries and to resolve any dispute regarding our products/services, actions or terms and conditions of our website.
  • There is an improvement of user experience on the website through customizing it as per clients taste and preferences. It is helpful in selecting the types of advertisements the user sees on our site and making information more relevant according to individual users.
  • We update users with relevant and latest news and information about our website, products, and services. If any changes to the web portal itself regarding security updates, and website disruptions.
  • Providing our users with the relevant and required information they seek from our end, on our consent to do so and give information on the website’s products/services which we judge to be relevant to users.
  • Carrying out data analytics processes that help determine ways to improve user experience and our website’s functions.
  • Monitoring user activities on our website, to prevent fraudulent activities from taking place on our website and ensuring compliance with the website’s terms and conditions of user effectively.
  • Managing our website and customer/user relationship, by providing faster responses to comments/queries/complaints submitted by users on our web-portal.
  • We have managed the website’s legal and operational affairs in the best possible manner.
  • Training our employees the importance and value of serving the online community.
  • The administrative assistance and performance enhancements have been provided including the functioning of our website.

Sharing Personal User Information

We may share user personal information with:

  • Companies/vendors that are related to our business or market.
  • Service providers (Third Party)/sub-contractors who assist in providing excellent services through our website by using user information as per latest GDPR guidelines.
  • Government authorities and other regulatory bodies that comply with our website’s Terms and Conditions of Use, and our Privacy Policy.
  • Potential buyer/buyer of all, or part of our website’s business, along with their legal advisors and professionals that are relevant to buying off the web-portal.
  • Any other authorized person with authority from us, or is authorized by the law to do so.

Our website works in tandem with the global network of third-party vendors, service providers, and sub-contractors to ensure optimal quality service to users all around the world. We guarantee that all third party vendors and sub-contractors adhere to the latest GDPR and our Privacy Policy, which guide the user data security on our website.

Storing Personal User Information

JN SCIENCETECH ensures optimum security when it comes to saving the personal user information collected on the website. All individual user information stored on on-site/off-site servers having top-class data security features. Every hard copy of user information stored in highly secure locations. All user information stored on the website is liable for security purposes and includes username, password authentication, and data encryption.

Users’ Access to Personal User Information

Users can access their personal information, which has been submitted on and collected by our website, by just logging in to their account on our website. User reserves the right to request access to other relevant information on the site and to make corrections in the information provided, in case of errors. Users can also close their account on our website whenever the user wishes so.

Users’ Access to Personal User Information

When a user consents so, they may receive marketing communications regarding our products, as provided by the website. The user can choose to discontinue receiving such promotional information (advertisements) if they wish to.

The user can update/change their default email address provided to the website and receive marketing advertisements and promotions of products/services from the site. To do this, the user needs merely to log-in to their account on our website and update the correct email address to continue receiving relevant promotional advertisements on their new email address from us.

Every commercial content provided by our website has an ‘unsubscribe’ option that allows users to choose to not receive such communications from us in the future. Follow the simple steps as instructed to choose to unsubscribe from our mailing list. We might also choose not to attach an ‘unsubscribe’ option for important communications, such as emails relating to your purchase, terms and conditions of use, important updates and vital news. On our website, you at this moment agree to be satisfied with the absence of the ‘unsubscribe’ option in such communication types.

16. Users can also choose to manage cookies that they receive from our website when using it. Depending on your browser settings, you can accept cookies, get a notification when a cookie is received or choose to reject all cookies. In case the user decides to decline cookies, some parts or our services may not work optimally.

Using Cookies and other Web Analytics Tools

Cookies help our website to collect vast quantities of valuable user information, which includes personal and technical information.

Third-party advertising companies may also be allowed to serve ads to our users, based on the user’s browsing pattern. Such advertisement companies collect personal user data independently/anonymously from users. However, no personally-identifiable information is received by website cookies from third party advertisers.

Changing/Updating Privacy Policy

We hold the exclusive right to make any changes to the terms and condition of use, and the Privacy Policy, of our website at any time. Any change made in this shall be effective immediately. Such changes announce with a proper notification, which will be displayed on our website. It is the personal responsibility of our users to check regularly for any such changes or updates to our Privacy Policy.

Contacting Us

In case users have any queries/comments/complaints, we can be reached using the contact information provided on our website.

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