SS Round Bottom Flask

Our Stainless Pharma Round Bottom Flasks are made out of SS 316 and 316L. Three neck Taper Joints or S-35 Spherical joints. These stainless-steel flasks are used in a broad range of chemical, pharmaceutical, food, fragrance, or petrochemical industries and biotech research, control, and development laboratories. JN Sciencetech Stainless steel flasks have been designed to provide long life, excellent durability, and corrosive-resistant hygiene. These Reaction Flasks are crafted with 316L grade stainless steel quality. With 2⁰ angled sides our flasks are unique in the sense that they are built from a two-piece body thus giving them excellent integrity on the inner surface. With a highly polished mirror-smooth interior, our flasks prevent contamination of any sort and are resistant to any surface residues.

SS RB Flask

stainless steel round bottom flask

Moc SS 316 | 316 L                         
Part. No. Capacity Body Dia Total Height Necks
33898 250 ml 85 mm 144 mm Single Neck
33899 500 ml 105 mm 175 mm
339001000 ml 131 mm 200 mm Two Neck
339012000 ml 165 mm 260 mm
339023000 ml 185 mm 260 mm Three Neck
339035000 ml 225 mm 304 mm
339046000 ml 255 mm 350 mm Four Neck
339058000 ml 272 mm 380 mm
3390610000 ml 280 mm 420 mm
3390715000 ml 310 mm 500 mm
3390820000 ml 345 mm 515 mm

Available in Taper Joints B 24/29 | B 34/35 | B 29/32 | B 55/44

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