Dewar Insulated Flasks

Dewar flasks are double-walled vacuum insulated flasks made of glass or metal, which have the task of thermally insulating a therein-stored product (LN2; CO2 etc.) against the ambient temperature. Dewar flasks consist of an inner and an outer recipient, which is connected on top at the filling port. The space between the inner and the outer flask is vacuum insulated, to stop the heat contact between the product stored in the Dewar flask and the ambient temperature (contact warmth).
Dewar flasks made of glass have a silver coating in the vacuum space, to minimize the warmth radiation. The best possible insulation could be received by reducing the contact and radiation warmth.
Cold traps with dewar flask are used in conjunction with vacuum pumps to collect condensation produced from humidity or solvents and these cold traps can be used for many different tasks.

The most common application is collecting condensation produced from humidity or solvents from rotating discs, vacuum pumps, or high vacuum systems that use oil diffusion or turbo-molecular pumps.

Lab Grade Dewars with a narrow mouth are ideal for temporary storage or room-to-room transfer (Not for Vehicle transfer). Standard features include a low evaporation cork stopper, fully shielded evacuation tip, weighted bases, and a partial aluminum base

Dewar Flask is a glass vessel used for keeping liquids at temperatures differing from that of the surrounding air.

Dewar with Trap | Protective Mesh | Dewar Carry Case | Low Form | Dewar Round Bottom Flask (Narrow mouth)
Part.No.   Glass Trap                     Dewar Capacity
71155 Dewar Assembly 1000 ml 150 ml                                  1000 ml
71156 Dewar Assembly 2000 ml 250 ml                                 2000 ml
71157 Glass Trap | SS 316 Trap | Teflon Trap 150 ml                                  1000 ml
71158 Glass Trap | SS 316 Trap | Teflon Trap 250 ml                                 2000 ml
71159 SS 316 Protective mesh 150 ml                                  1000 ml
71160 SS 316 Protective mesh 250 ml                                 2000 ml
71161 Dewar with SS 316 Carry Case  No Trap                                 1000 ml
71162 Dewar with SS 316 Carry Case  No Trap                                 2000 ml
71163 Dewar with SS 316 Carry Case  No Trap                                 3000 ml
71164 Dewar Flask with Low form SS 316 Case  No Trap                                 1000 ml
71165 Dewar Flask with Low form SS 316 Case  No Trap                                 2000 ml
             71166                    Dewar Round Bottom Flask  (Narrow mouth)   250 ml | 500ml | 1000ml
 Assembly Contains Dewar Flask, Glass trap, and Protective mesh with ring
Protective Mesh will be fitted in between Trap and Dewar  Flask