PTFE Bottles

JN Sciencetech brand PTFE Heavy wall, wide mouth air tight PTFE bottles with screw closure have machine finish for ease in cleaning. PTFE bottles are virtually immune to chemical attack, only attacked by some fluorine containing compounds at high temperature and molten alkalis metals. Working temperature range is from cryogenic to 260°C. Non-sticking.

     These leakproof PTFE bottles are ideal for low-temperature applications up to 540°F (280°C) and should not be used with pressure applications. Bottles are isostatically molded to provide a smooth internal finish. Chemically resistant and inert; can be used with most chemical compounds and corrosive environments. Autoclavable.

PTFE Bottle(#69)


Part. No. Capacity Outer Dia Total Height
37836 30 ml 30 mm 60 mm
3783750 ml 76 mm 43 mm
37838 100 ml 52 mm 88 mm
37839250 ml 67 mm 115 mm
37840 500 ml 80 mm 150 mm
37841 1000 ml 100 mm 185 mm
378422000 ml 120 mm 240 mm
378433000 ml 140 mm 275 mm

Note : We supply 3 lit | 5 lit | 8 lit | 10 litres on inquiry

Available with SS 316 | PTFE Handle

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