PTFE Separating Flask

The PTFE separating funnels are isostatically molded from pure virgin PTFE resulting in a highly inert material, with very heavy wall construction, one that could stand up to nearly everything one might want to put into them. The super-smooth internal finish means that virtually nothing sticks to it. The bottom is precision machined for good transfer of material. The stopcock houses a PTFE encapsulated “O” ring seal for total leak-free performance. In addition, there are mini-hand grips also for ease of handling.

Resistant to high temperatures and virtually all laboratory chemicals, including strong acids, strong alkalis, aqua regia, and organic solvents.

Part No Capacity Stem Dia x Length Total Height
25115 125 ml 10 x 70 mm 260 mm
25116 250 ml 11 x 70 mm 290 mm
25117 500 ml 12 x 70 mm 330 mm
25118 1000 ml 12 x 70 mm 400 mm
25119 1500 ml 12 x 80 mm 455 mm
25120 2000 ml 14 x 85 mm 480 mm