PTFE Mortar Pestle

Mortars and pestles were traditionally used in pharmacies to crush various ingredients before preparing an extemporaneous prescription. They could also be used in a laboratory to grind samples into powder. Mortars and Pestles are also used as drug paraphernalia to grind up pills to speed up absorption when they are ingested, or in preparation for insufflation.

PTFE Mortar and Pestle


Part. No. CapacityInner Dia Outer Dia
13255 60 ml 60 mm 80 mm
13256 100 ml 75 mm95 mm
13257 150 ml85 mm105 mm
13258275 ml100 mm 125 mm
13259550 ml125 mm155 mm
13260900 ml 150 mm 180 mm
13261 1500 ml 175 mm 200 mm
132622000 ml 200 mm 250 mm
132624000 ml 250 mm300 mm
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