Stands & Clamps

LabJaws Clamps are designed to securely grip and position laboratory apparatus. Extension arm clamps with 360° rotation allow placement of apparatus at various distances from lab-frames and are easily secured with optional holders. Swivel, fixed position, and thermometer clamps easily hold apparatus near the lab-frame or stand, and have a built-in holder for simple attachment to lab-frames or apparatus.

Corrosion-resistant lab-frames, rods, and connectors are available in premium stainless steel offering high chemical-resistance and durability. Aluminum offers reliable strength at a lighter weight. Simplify lab set up – 13 lab-frame kit options are available with four designed to fit in fume hoods. Build your own support system choosing from a wide selection of rods, bases, and connectors..

Retort Stand and Clamps


Part No NameRod Dia x Length (mm)MocBase
127173 Finger Clamp 8 x 300 SS 316 Round
127184 Finger Clamp 8 x 300 SS 316 Round
12719Buchi Clamp S 35 SS 316 Sperical Joint
12720Chain Clamp 10 x 300 SS 316 Round
12721SS Boss Head 8 | 10 x 300 SS 316 Round
12722SS Boss Head 8 | 10 x 300 Aluminium | SS 316 Square
12723Retort Stand H Base 12 X 600 Height SS 316 Square
12724Retort Stand for Glass Columns 12 | 16 | 1000 to 2000 Height Aluminium | SS 316 Square
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