Ekman Grab Sampler

Ekman Grab Sediment Sampler is a lightweight sampler for the collection of soft, finely divided littoral bottoms that are free from vegetation, such as sticks and leaves as intermixtures of sand, stones, and other coarse debris. 

it is not recommended for rocky or sandy bottoms or moderate macro phyte growth because small pebbles or stems prevent proper jaw closure.

Ekman Grab Sampler with Messenger:

1. Scoops overlap to reduce sample loss.
2. Dependable release closing.
3. Stainless steel construction.
4. Lightweight yet stable due to wide base.
5. Extra weight available.
6. Center pivot for low bottom disturbance.
7. Design with two covers on the top, prevents the sample from being washed during the ascent.
8. There is a Central handle for improved manageability

This Ekaman grab is used for collecting sediment samples from soft bottoms including clay, silt and mud..

Part No Messenger SS Rope Length Closed Size (height x width x depth) mm Sampling Area Weight 
48483 500 gms 20 meters Volume 3 liter (330 x 120 x 200)  15 x 15 cms 3 kgs
48484 650 gms 20 meters Volume 5 liter (410 x 190 x 200) 18 x 18 cms 4 kgs
48485 950 gms 20 meters Volume 12 liter (420 x 280 x 290) 23 x 23  cms 6 kgs
  We produce both standards and customized Ekman Grab samplers with variations in height, width and depth.