Van Veen Grab Sampler

The bottom sediment sampling equipment also named stainless steel Sediment Sampler or Sludge Sampling Grab, is a kind of manually operated grab bucket for river bottom sludge collection.

It is suitable for collecting underwater sediments and sediment in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and other places. The Bottom Sediment Grab Sampler is a kind of laboratory equipment, which is used for collecting mud(sediment/sludge/deposit) samples from the bottom of rivers, lakes, ponds, shallow seas, etc.

The simple design means it is simple to use. Heavy-duty hinges and the hinge pins can absorb thousands of bottom impacts. Self-closing scoops have center pivot closing action.

When the scoops strike the bottom, their tapered cutting edges penetrate well with very little sample disturbance. An attached underlip wipes the scoop clean of pebbles and cobbles that would interfere with closing. By the same token, removable side plates prevent the lateral loss of sample as scoops close. This well-regarded self-closing sampler uses our patented spring-loaded pinch-pin™ that releases when cable or line slackens. A safety pin replaces the pinch-pin™ when not in use to prevent injury.

Removable screens on top of each scoop allow water to flow through as it descends. This lessens the frontal shock wave and reduces surface disturbance. Both screens are covered with neoprene rubber flaps that close during retrieval. Choose only stainless steel for severe conditions. Ship wt: 67 lbs. Crane and winch recommended due to working weight.

A Van Veen grab (clamshell bucket) is an instrument to sample sediment from the sea floor(15 cm depth) and it is mostly used to study macrofauna.

Part No   Height x Width x Depth Stainless steel 304 | 316  Rope | Nylon | SS 304 
  Capacity   Surface Covered Area Length
34952 0 . 5 kg       125 x 100 x 100 mm               126 cm² 20 mtrs
34953 2 . 0 kg       180 x 160 x 160 mm               260 cm² 20 mtrs
34954 6 . 0 kg       250 x 200 x 200 mm               480 cm² 20 mtrs
34955 12 . 0 kg 350 x 260 x 260 mm         880 cm² 20 mtrs
34956 28 . 0 kg     450 x 300 x 300 mm             1200 cm² 20 mtrs