SS Thief Sampler

Drug Powder Samplers are also named Unit Dose Multi-Level Samplers and are used in general practice for sampling solid chemical products. These samplers are used for taking designated locational samples of powders, small particles, or small crystalline chemical products. They are ideal for use with free-flowing powders too. By simply changing the Sampling Module, different volumes can be sampled.

The sampling probe is composed of two stainless steel tubes (Outer Sleeve and Inner Rod) and a series of unit Sampling Modules. One set of chambers (slots) for the Outer Sleeve and one set of chambers (slots) for the Inner Rod (Independent) is in the construction. Many optional Sampling Modules are also provided. All parts are removable for easy cleaning. The Sampling Modules are independent of each other, and thus the sampling quantity is more accurate without interference.

Ideal to take accurate samples of powders and granules by using a range of tips that are available in various sizes from0.1cc to 10.0cc .

Part No Inner Rod Diameter Total Length  Slots UD Master Sampler inserts
10002 22 mm 300 mm 3 3 are available from
10003 22 mm 600 mm 4 4 0.1 ml to 4.0 ml
10004 22 mm 900 mm 6 6  
10005 22 mm 1200 mm 8 8 Blank inserts available (optional)
10006 22 mm 1500 mm 10 10  
10007 22 mm 1800 mm 12 12                     

The precisely fitting sample inserts are easily exchangeable | The penetration depth is easy to read on the laser-engraved depth scale | Score-free and electropolished (optional)