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We are one of the most fore known manufacturers of Closed and Open Head Barrels offered in a variety of sizes and volumes for diverse applications. These SS  barrels are stronger, heavier, and thicker and are specially designed for storage, shipping and handling of chemicals and food products.   We produce both standard and customised containers with variations in width, depth, height and volume. With a corrosion resistant and crevice free  interior.   All these products conform to global standards being sturdy, durable and versatile in their utility. Our ability to manufacture industry best range of these products has placed us among a niche in the sector as the most renowned SS barrel manufacturer in the country.

Standard Volume from 50 to 235 liters, and higher volumes on request can be fabricated – Robust Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing  – made of 304 / 316 / 316L stainless steel – Polished interior finish – Secured covers with a tightening band (304 stainless steel) – Rolled and welded edges all around.

They are fitted with a 2 ”and ¾” tri-sure plug / bunks with EPDM gasket . The drums have stamped sides for easier handling and increased strength.

Part No Closed Head
  Volumes Diameter Height
33378 10 liters 292 mm 210 mm
33379 20 liters 292 mm 350 mm
33380 50 liters 335 mm 540 mm
33381 100 liters 457 mm 640 mm
33382 200 liters 572 mm 880 mm
MOC SS 304 | 316 | 316 L

We produce both standard and customised barrels with variations in width, depth, height and volume.