PTFE VacuumTrap

Teflon vacuum traps for collecting atmospheric pollutants by solution absorption method. To collect a certain pollution component in the atmosphere, a solution of a specific component is loaded into the absorption bottle. When the gas passes through the absorption liquid, the pollutant to be measured is absorbed. The concentration of the pollutant in the atmosphere can be determined by analysis and determination.

The most important performance index of the absorption bottle is the optimum sampling flow rate, absorption efficiency, and resistance drop under the condition of filling a certain amount of absorption liquid.

PTFE material absorption bottle corrosion resistance, metal element blank value is low, can withstand strong acid strong alkali, and various organic solvents.

Resistant to high temperatures and virtually all laboratory chemicals, including strong acids, strong alkalis, aqua regia, and organic solvents.

Part No Dia Height
29832 60 mm 300 mm
29833 75 mm 300 mm
29834 100 mm 300 mm

We produce both standard and customized traps with variations in dia, and length.