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Manufactured from solid PTFE, these safety covers provide an insulating barrier between the user and Teflon Heating blocks. Tests show that the temperature difference between the outside surface of the PTFE cover and the  block can be as much as 100°C  reducing the temperature of exposed surfaces by as much as 50%.
     These Solid PTFE Safety Covers reduce the risk of users touching a hot Heat-On block and provide the added benefit of lowering energy consumption Teflon heating blocks are simply the safest, fastest and most efficient way to heat and stir a round bottom flask from 10ml to 5 litres. Replace messy oil baths, heating mantles, avoid spills and make your.
The insulating properties of PTFE Safety Covers mean that up to 15% less energy is required to maintain temperatures for extended periods
Part.No. Flask Capacity Material
33310 250 ml Polytetraflouroethylene
33311 500 ml Polytetraflouroethylene
33312 1000 ml Polytetraflouroethylene
33313 2000 ml Polytetraflouroethylene
33314 3000 ml Polytetraflouroethylene
33315 5000 ml Polytetraflouroethylene

PTFE / Teflon Heating Blocks Key Features

  1. Resistant to high temperatures and virtually all laboratory chemicals, including strong acids, strong alkalis, aqua regia and organic solvents
  2. Machine-finished surface for easy cleaning, and pure white appearance and  to eliminate contamination and ease cleaning
  3. Compatible with cryo temperatures to moderate heating -196°C to 250°C (-321 to 482°F)