What We All About

JN SCIENCETECH is the leading provider of Sampling tools, Sampling types of equipment, Storage Containers, Teflon ware, Vials, etc. It caters to numerous types of Pharmaceutical, Research sectors, Bulk Drug Sectors, and Petroleum Industries, in commercial and the educational sector, with equal efficiency. Since 2009, JN SCIENCETECH has been manufacturing and supplying high-performance products worldwide. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company for top-class quality management.

Our Strengths

The company has been steadily expanding its service network all over the world. Today, it has a wide and strong network of exclusive dealers and distributors globally. The company is constantly exploring potential collaboration with individuals and corporations for business expansion.

JN SCIENCETECH integrates the best in manufacturing and services. These are the aspects that make JN SCIENCETECH products better than others:
Great price and a complete value for the product
Superior quality
Customized products
Competent rates
Consistently high product quality and service standards


If you are the owner/business development manager of a company that deals with similar products, then this is a golden opportunity to expand your organization. Your product range and brand value are increased significantly when you join up with JN SCIENCETECH. Currently, we are looking to extend our business distribution network in countries, such as the USA, UK, UAE, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Africa, and the Middle East. If you are from any of these regions, just send an email or call us through the Contact Page and get ready for better sales with superior quality products from JN SCIENCETECH.

Take a step Ahead with JN Sciencetech as a partner and build your career