The Manta Net a new design capable of continuous flow collection of organisms and flotsam at the sea surface, is described and compared to the Neuston Net. The Manta Net stays reliably at the surface during the entire sample period

The MANTA Net design and name is derived from the surface-feeding Manta Ray because of its paired, anterior extensions flanking the mouth that lends well for capturing organisms at the ocean surface.

The frame is supported at the ocean surface by a pair of aquaplanes projecting at right angles. The net is towed by a wire with one short bridle and one long bridle in order to angle the net from the ship. The rigid frame construction and buoyant aquaplanes maintain a continuous rectangular net opening at the surface with a maximum depth.

The collecting bottle has 5 windows covered by a stainless steel filter and the mesh corresponds to the size of the main net. Furthermore the bottle has a small eye, in which you can fasten a small buoyancy to keep the bottle close to the water’s surface.

  Width Height Length Material Mesh Sample Collector
33003 300 mm 150 mm 3800 mm Alluminium | SS 316  300 µm SS 316 with 5 windows
33004 700 mm 300 mm 3800 mm Alluminium | SS 316  300 µm SS 316 with 5 windows
We produce both standard and customized manta net sampler with variations in width, length, and mesh sizes like 100 µm | 200 µm | 300 µm