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Dead Bottom Samplers

These samplers are generally used for retrieving samples from the dead bottom levels of either containers such as storage tanks or drums on ships, lorries, wagons etc., in oil and chemical industries or even from oil rich shores. They usually have a projecting stem to open an inlet valve as soon as the stem touches […]

Teflon Round Bottom Flasks

These unique flasks manufactured by us at JN Science Tech are mostly used as laboratory implements for a variety of purposes by the pharma or chemical industries. Having a spherical bottom and made with PTFE/Teflon, they come in various sizes with the ability to withstand temperatures of upto 280 Deg C. They are non-stick and […]

Hydrothermal Autoclave

JN Science Tech manufactures exclusive Hydrothermal Autoclaves for use in Pharma, Chemical and Fertilizer industries. It is essentially a closed container used to digest or synthesize samples which cannot normally be dissolved. Thus, it is a synthesis reactor in a way. Strong acids and alkalis are used in these autoclaves to dissolve substances that are […]

SS Pharma Containers

At JN Science Tech, we create a range of niche products for the Pharma Industry. We are both manufacturers and distributors of SS Containers that are used in multiple sectors such as chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, fertiliser or such other industries, which require containers of the highest standard. Complying with the highest global standards and […]

SS Barrels

JN Science Tech manufactures both Open Head SS Barrels and Closed Head SS Barrels with volumes ranging from a standard 50 litres to 300 litres. Our SS Barrels are fabricated with great strength and compared to conventional steel barrels are stronger, thicker and heavier. They are specially designed for use in handling chemical, fertilizer, biological […]

Niskin Water Sampler

The Niskin Water Sampler from JN Science Tech is an outstanding implement and a product of great design and functionality. Allowing for samples of water to be collected from different depths, it is also perfect for sampling waters in stratified areas or in areas of water flow in strong currents. They are called horizontal samplers […]

Powder Samplers

JN Science Tech manufactures and supplies a variety of powder samplers, also called powder thieves, for various uses in industries like pharma, fertilizer, chemical or such other industries, where fine powdered or granular materials are used. They can be used to take samples from bags, sacks, silos, containers, piles or from moving streams etc., for […]