Setting exemplary industrial trends since 2009, JN SCIENCETECH has emerged as one of the most reliable and trustworthy partners, as a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of equipment, tools and implements for the pharma and medical sector.

     Our exhaustive product range includes some of the most sophisticated and sensitive equipment in hardcore use within the medical and drug manufacturing industry across the globe. Our products such as Solid, Water, Oil and Liquid Samplers, SS Barrels, Teflon Vials, Round Bottom Flasks, Platinum Labware and several such exclusive implements are in continuous demand from the industry due to their exceptional quality and world class standards, and this factor has pronounced our brand far and wide.

     Being MOC Certified, our equipment caters to diverse industries and laboratories across India and several other countries panning geographies. With a fully facilitated manufacturing unit, strong and competent human capital, research facilities that are a class apart, and our diligent operational network that encompasses active logistics and marketing support.

     JN SCIENCETECH is one of the most recognized and respected organizations in the sector and has been a key partner to leading pharma and medical companies across the globe.

     While the rapidly changing technology across the industry has been bringing up constant challenges to all the players in the field, JN Sciencetech has evolved over the years, picking up the gauntlet and quickly adapting to change, imbibing requisite practices and innovating unconventional methodologies and processes. 

     Quality being our sole cornerstone, we are endeavoring ceaselessly, opening up our perspectives to more and more expectations of the customer and ensuring consistent delivery.

JN Sciencetech…your trusted pharmaco-medical partner.