Powder Samplers

JN Science Tech manufactures and supplies a variety of powder samplers, also called powder thieves, for various uses in industries like pharma, fertilizer, chemical or such other industries, where fine powdered or granular materials are used. They can be used to take samples from bags, sacks, silos, containers, piles or from moving streams etc., for analysis.

Our powder samplers are available in six different formats such as Brass Powder Samplers, SS Slot Samplers, SS Telescopic Swab Samplers, SS Thief Samplers, SS UNO Samplers and Teflon Powder Samplers.

Since these samplers are used in very niche sectors and the implements used for sampling must be of top quality, we ensure every care in their production so that each product matches the stipulated global standard.

JN Science Tech’s Powder Samplers are of unsurpassable quality and are in use across multiple industries and brands across Eurasian and American continents.

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