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PTFE  Reactor is suitably used for lab scale, multi reactants, and long period reactions. Reactants are put into Teflon Reactor, mixing and the reaction happens inside the kettle, under high pressure and high temperature of 260° condition, after achieving a certain proportion of products, discharge complete products from the bottom. It has a Teflon bottom valve and can stand various corrosive working mediums.       

     The head, head joints, body, stirrer bearing, valved bottom filter assembly, and stir shaft with agitator are all PTFE.  We have from 250ml to  2000ml reactors  These reactors are designed for fluorine chemistry work as well as any work using strong alkalis where glass cannot be used.

Part No  
  Capacity Centre Neck  Side Neck
10120 250 ml B-19 B-19
10121 500 ml B-24 B-19
10122 1000 ml B-34 B-19
10123 2000 ml B-34 B-19
10124 3000 ml B-34 B-19
10125 5000 ml B-55 B-24
10126 10000 ml B-55 B-24
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Available in Single Neck | Two Neck | Three Neck | Four Neck 

PTFE / Teflon Reactors Key Features

  1. Resistant to high temperatures and virtually all laboratory chemicals, including strong acids, strong alkalis, aqua regia and organic solvents
  2. Machine-finished surface for easy cleaning, and pure white appearance and  to eliminate contamination and ease cleaning
  3. Compatible with cryo temperatures to moderate heating -196°C to 250°C (-321 to 482°F)