|  Sediment Sampler

Sediment Sampler is a light-weight sampler for collection of suspended sediment samples where wading rod sampler suspension is used. The sampler consists of a streamlined aluminum casing, which encloses a sample container.

In the sampling operation, the intake nozzle is oriented into the current and held in a horizontal position. while the samples is lowered at a uniform rate from the water surface to the bottom of the stream. The sampler continues to take its sample throughout the time of submergence.

Sediments can be used to help locate non point, historical, or intermittent discharges that may not be readily apparent using samples collected from the water column. Sediments are used to identify the location of these sources by upstream incremental collection of samples from a contaminated site.

The head of the sampler is hinged to permit access to the sample container. Tail fins help to orient the instrument into the stream flow. The head of the sampler is drilled and tapped to receive the intake nozzle which projects into the current for collecting the sample. A port which points downstream is provided on the side of the sampler head from which air escapes as it is displaced by the sample being collected in the container.


Part.No. Body Length Samppler Bottle   Max  Depth Intake Nozzles
DH48 340 mm 500 ml Hand Held Wading Rod 1 mtr 3.2 | 4.8 | 6.3 mm
DH49 820 mm 500 ml Suspension Cable Winch 10 mtr  6.3 | 4.8 | 3.2 mm
DH59 400 mm 500 ml Suspension Cable Winch 10 mtr  3.2 | 4.8 | 6.3 mm
  Alluminium body built with three intake brass nozzles 3.2 | 4.8 |  6.3 mm