|  PTFE Powder Sampler

The Zone PTFE all-layer sampler is used in sampling to collect a representative all-layer sample from three different layers. Suitable for free-flowing powders and small-grain granulates.

The JN Sciencetech Double-Tube PTFE Sampling Probe is used for sampling fertilizers, foods, pharmaceuticals, and other similar granular materials. Also used for plastics, these probes conform to USFDA specifications.

They are constructed from extra heavy gauge PTFE tubing for durable, time-tested sampling. Open-ended probes without partitions and also with partitions are more convenient to empty and are widely used by grain elevator operators for obtaining samples from containers, gunny bags, Fertilizer bags, and truck loads. After a sample is obtained, the probe is held upright, and the sample is dumped from the handle.

  Outer Pipe Inner Rod Length Material Slots
56348 35 mm 25 mm 300 mm Teflon (PTFF) 2
56349 35 mm 25 mm 600 mm Teflon (PTFF) 3
56350 35 mm 25 mm 1000 mm Teflon (PTFF) 4
56351 40 mm 30 mm 600 mm Teflon (PTFE) 3
56352 40 mm 30 mm 1000 mm Teflon (PTFE) 5

PTFE / Teflon Powder Sampler Key Features

  1. Resistant to high temperatures and virtually all laboratory chemicals, including strong acids, strong alkalis, aqua regia and organic solvents
  2. Machine-finished surface for easy cleaning, and pure white appearance
  3. Surfaces are machine finished to eliminate contamination and ease cleaning
  4. Compatible with cryo temperatures to moderate heating -196°C to 250°C (-321 to 482°F)