This ‘Privacy Policy’ regulates the collection, submission, and use of User Data, as per the latest international GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The following is the framework that is employed by JN SCIENCETECH for ensuring optimal user privacy and personal data security.
1. JN SCIENCETECH is very stringent when it comes to keeping user data and information security. The following are the terms and conditions that regulate the JN SCIENCETECH User Data and Information collection, storage, and usage by authorized personnel.
2. (From here on, ‘we,’ ‘us,’ ‘our,’ ‘website’ ‘web-portal’ ‘site’ or JN SCIENCETECH shall represent the owners/administrators of JN SCIENCETECH. The term ‘policy’ shall denote this Privacy Policy in its complete form. ‘Terms’ refer to the collective terms and conditions that regulate any sale, purchase, or use of JN SCIENCETECH products/services.)
It is highly advisable to go through this document thoroughly for a stronger and longer-lasting fruitful business relationship with the website/company.

Details we collect from users/customers on this website:

Member name
Email ID/Contact number
Other contact details
Payment information (includes details about online payment agent, transaction details of payments, etc.)
Customer queries
Web analytics data
Forum comments
IP address
Cookie data

Privacy Policy Updations or Changes:

We hold the exclusive right to make any changes to the terms and conditions of use, and the Privacy Policy, of our website at any time. Any change made in this shall be effective immediately. Such changes announce with a proper notification, which will be displayed on our website. It is the personal responsibility of our users to check regularly for any such changes or updates to our Privacy Policy.