Our manufacturing and processing plant is spread over a large area in a well laid out workspace with the most update machinery and high class equipment of
global renown, aided by most current technologies. Our primary fabrication unit is located at Balanagar industrial area in Hyderabad.
In terms of quality the pharma sector deals with precision-based equipment of the highest degree and resultantly it is imperative that pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers comply with the highest standards. In its sheer determination to offer only quality products and services, JN Sciencetech has adopted Good Manufacturing Practices and has progressed to a certified GMP company.
In our well organised workshop space of around 3,000 sft, we have all the requisite production equipment that are indispensable for pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, independent science laboratories and even for training facilities and institutes of higher education. CNC technology is at the core of our operational processes, with a capacity that can be customised to any scale. Our ability to undertake huge volumes of exports of all of our niche products is a clear indication of our capabilities and large scale production capacity. Here we manufacture a wide range of pharmaceutical production and processing equipment such as Hydrothermal Autoclaves, Synthesis Reactors, Pressure Vessels, various kinds of Liquid Samplers, Powder Samplers, SS Clean room Items, Teflon Items, Vials, Water Samplers etc.
We also have extended infrastructure that allows us customize equipment for each distinct purpose. Additionally, our vast network across the country helps us to take up projects on any scale and execute them to absolute world class standards.

We Share Our Knowledge

As a one of the Sampling Tools exporters from India JN SCIENCETECH stands for expert knowledge. Our customers benefit from more than 12 years of experience in sampling tool production and state of the art technological infrastructure not only through our products, but also through our services.

Individual consulting services

Our Scientific Service team is able to cover process evaluation and fault analysis on an individual basis as well as to advice on specifications, regulations, and norms and other scientific issues.

Specialized analytics and interpretation skills

We provide the technical infrastructure and scientific skills to commit attests and studies resulting in solutions that exclude interactions between the sampling tool and drugs, We support in choosing a suitable tools for a product and bring in our knowledge when it comes to developing new tools for sampling made of SS , Teflon, Brass, Glass etc. Our blend of expertise in materials products and processes is key to corectoly6 interpret analytical data and draw in-depth conclusions.

Uncompromisingly safe

Manufacturers of premium pharmaceutical and biomedical products make no compromises concerning the Sampling tools and etc. The same applies to JN SCIENCETECH. Our extensive product line of high – quality raw material has been carefully designed to preserve active pharmaceutical ingredients and thus ensure their effectiveness.