SS Barrels

JN Science Tech manufactures both Open Head SS Barrels and Closed Head SS Barrels with volumes ranging from a standard 50 litres to 300 litres. Our SS Barrels are fabricated with great strength and compared to conventional steel barrels are stronger, thicker and heavier.

They are specially designed for use in handling chemical, fertilizer, biological or food products, such as for purposes of shipping, handling or storage. Made in conformity to global standards, they are also customised to different specifications as well such as in height, depth, width and volume. These outstanding pieces of equipment are crafted to perfection with a corrosion proof interior and can be given in a customised colour finish as well. All our barrels can be used in multiple ways being quite strong and sturdy, as well as durable, versatile and long lasting.

The volumes of these barrels can also be customized from as little as 2 litres to over 300 litres.

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