Niskin Water Sampler

The Niskin Water Sampler from JN Science Tech is an outstanding implement and a product of great design and functionality. Allowing for samples of water to be collected from different depths, it is also perfect for sampling waters in stratified areas or in areas of water flow in strong currents.

They are called horizontal samplers since they are made to descend into deep or shallow waters horizontally, parallel to the bottom of the water source. Our Niskin Water Sampler is manufactured in five different sizes and can be used accordingly based on the quantity of sample required. The inside is free of any metal components so that 100% quality of the sample is preserved without any possible reaction with a metal.

Narrow stratified layers necessitate the use of this specific sampler, especially at the thermocline, just above the sediments of the bottom. These niche products are created in transparent acrylic to facilitate viewing the contents immediately when drawn to the surface.

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