Hydrothermal Autoclave

JN Science Tech manufactures exclusive Hydrothermal Autoclaves for use in Pharma, Chemical and Fertilizer industries. It is essentially a closed container used to digest or synthesize samples which cannot normally be dissolved. Thus, it is a synthesis reactor in a way. Strong acids and alkalis are used in these autoclaves to dissolve substances that are generally insoluble, using an environment that is at a high pressure and high temperature.

Our Hydrothermal synthesis reactors are manufactured in two different models:

A Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or Teflon lined hydrothermal autoclave reactor, and the other, a PPL lined autoclave. The PTFE product is crafted with great care with an outer SS jacket and an inner Teflon chamber, that can withstand temperatures of upto 240 Deg C. But a temperature of 200 Deg C is recommended for safety purposes. The range for the PPL product is higher upto 280 Deg C with a safety temperature recommendation of 260 Deg C.

Extensively used in research and development institutions, scientific laboratories, quality analysis sections etc., the Hydrothermal Autoclaves are manufactured to conform to the highest international standards, and are one of our premium and niche products.


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